Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo Advice Column - Day 30 - Never Make a Bet With Your Wife While Drinking

I'm writing 30 thoughts in 30 days for NaBloPoMo. In no particular order, I'm giving you my worldview - as it comes up.

I wasn't sure how I was going to round this out. I had originally intended to use yesterday's post idea as the finale, but yesterday, I drew a blank, and had to use it. Then, I figured I'd sum up all the other nuggets, but that seems a little daunting at this point. Luckily, opportunity struck.

Tonight, Ed and I were out drinking listening to music at one of our favorite Wednesday night hangouts. And lo' and behold, we had a disagreement. It was completely trivial, but for whatever reason, Ed doubted me. Really. I know. Hard to imagine.

And so he decided we'd settle the issue and said "what will you bet". So I responded "I'll bet anything, because I am right". But he didn't back down. So I said "laundry for a week". And he said "that's not fair" because he realized if he was right, he wouldn't actually win anything since I already do all the laundry (even though he's technically in charge of sheets and towels... Thank GAWD my mom visited last week and did all the towels or I might be using a dish cloth to dry my nether regions after a shower at this point). Anyway, I allowed him to name something else, which he did. Then I told him, "we can call the bet off, I am right". And he, thinking he had a prayer of winning, declined my very generous offer.

That was a huge mistake.

And...just so it is in writing, all of the laundry in the house is currently done. It must all be done next Wednesday night, in order for Ed to fulfill his (losing) end of the bet.


(Just in case you were curious, a king sized bed is twice the width of a single bed.)

Thank you, Therese, for once again inspiring this march through November. As always, it's been a fun challenge.

Building a worldview:
Day 1: Surround Yourself With Brilliant People (though my friend Susan makes a good point that clever is pretty good, too).
Day 2: Whatever, it works.
Day 3: Surround Yourself With Beauty
Day 4: When You Go Through Something New - Drag Someone With You
Day 5: No sweatpants.
Day 6: Embrace the Crazy
Day 7: Listen to Your Friends or Fight Old Fogey-dom. Get out there. Keep experiencing fun, new things.
Day 8: Don't Let Anyone Sell You Short
Day 9: Take a Lesson From Your Child
Day 10: Consume the best chocolate you can
Day 11: Help your neighbor.
Day 12: Take Breaks
Day 13: Establish a Realistic Rhythm
Day 14: Sometimes, you just have to ask.
Day 15: Loose Lips Sink Ships
Day 16: Stop Things from Going from Bad to Worse
Day 17: Understand the Price of Success
Day 18: Question Everything
Day 19: Drink Great Wine with Old Friends
Day 20: Never Be a Volunteer at a Street Show in New Orleans
Day 21: Let Your Friends Bail You Out
Day 22: Turn Trash Into Treasure
Day 23: Always Have a Dream
Day 24: Give Thanks
Day 25: Develop Your Own Sense of Style - and Own It!
Day 26: Always Have the Ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies on Hand
Day 27: Take Advantage of Unseasonably Warm Days
Day 28: Don't Do Too Much When You Have a Head Cold
Day 29: Trust Yourself
Day 30: Never Make a Bet With Your Wife While Drinking or You Might End up Doing Laundry for a Week


  1. Thank you for taking me up on it.
    Enjoy your laundry free Wednesday next week.

  2. Who says drinking is never positive? I'm guessing this means you need to raise a toast and imbibe next week too.

  3. Laundry free for a week - that's sounds wonderful
    well done Elaine