Monday, November 14, 2011

NaBloPoMo Advice Column - Day 14 - Sometimes, You Just Have to Ask

The five first grade classes at Connor's school have an inner-grade mail system. On Thursday, Connor received his first piece of mail. I was from P, a girl in his class who seems quite nice.

"Connor i am glad you are in my clos"
This morning, I volunteered in Connor's class. Connor completed the scheduled activity with a few minutes to spare, and so he excitedly ran over to the mailbox to fill his spare time. He grabbed a postcard, looked across the desks to see how to spell P's name, and then wrote on the card:

"P - plees send a note to my" (he meant to write "me" for the last word).

Connor was thrilled to be sending something through the mail system, and definitely a little nervous about it. I thought it could've been a little more meaningful, perhaps telling P. something nice, or asking if she wanted to play with him at recess, or any number of things. But, I guess "sometimes, you just have to ask" for what you want. No need to mince words, I guess.


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  1. adorable
    ... the beginning of a long friendship maybe

  2. I love that he asked for what he needed. That will serve him very well in life.

  3. Right, Marya! If only we could all do that so easily.

  4. Absolutely! I guess children are more direct in what they want. We, instead, maybe lost it!