Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 9. Young Friends

Last night, Helen's friend Alexander spent the night. Alexander and Helen have been friends pretty much since Alexander was born. They're about a year apart in age - and just about the same size. Allegedly, Alexander packed his bag on Thursday, just to be ready when Friday came.

Most of the time Alexander and Helen play, they bond over "not wanting to be near the big kids", which is to say, Connor and Alexander's older sister try and prove their superiority over the littles and the littles perform some version of telling the bigs to suck it. Sometimes, there is tattling. Always, there is a door slam or two.

Tonight, Connor and Ed were out enjoying some man time, so it was just me and the littles. And you know what? Those kids are just sweet together.

We bounced on a trampoline with flashlights, we ate a taste of cookie dough (Alexander's head almost exploded over this), we made fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, we read Alexander's somewhat spooky version of "A Christmas Carol" followed up with, what else, The Littles.

There was time to prepare Baby G (Alexander's boy doll dressed in pink) and Liam (Helen's boy doll dressed in pink) for bed. (Who knew Helen and Alexander were both such gender benders?) There was a LOT of whispering, a request for one more doll, excitement at blowing up the air mattress and more excitement over getting to share a bedspread.

Fun times.

Probably the best thing about tonight was watching Helen and Alexander play for several hours, without any torment from older siblings. I was witness to so much love. I hope these two stay friends for a long time.


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  1. it is always fun to watch them playing with other children than their sibling(s)