Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 7. Football and Money

I am always trying to communicate to my children that every life is precious - every single one of them. And in that vain, I gave up football this year. To be fair, I gave up football as much as anyone could give up football in the midst of Facebook posts highlighting the 9 - 0 season my formerly beloved team is having. The college team I rooted for is having a less stellar year, as far as I can tell.

Frankly, I should have expected nothing less from the Chiefs. That team has caused me more heartbreak than I care to recount over the years. And this season so far? It's the payoff for all the fans who stuck through the heartbreak.

Many folks in my office know I love(d) football. And after each win - for the first four or five weeks, someone would pop in to relive the highlights of the game. Before they got too far in, I would tell them I gave up football - too many head injuries. Either the NFL can figure out how to make the game safe, or I'm sitting it out. Which is totally a downer, I realize.

Yesterday, an email announced Connor's school had won some NFL spirit award and would be gifted $10,000 for PE, playground, and related improvements. On the day the money comes, other prizes come, too, and the kids are encouraged to dress in DC football gear. My first thought was "Cool! The PTA made some modest playground improvements already which have been a real hit with the kids", followed quickly by "It's not like there are a bajillion underfunded schools in the District that could actually use this money more [ugh]", followed by "Are you serious? We're in the midst of what seems to be a pretty big controversy over the name of the hometown team and we're supposed to wear gear with the name of that team on it?". Which eventually settled into "meh...I guess I can send Connor in the same Chiefs shirt I sent him in on the day the school won the award". I mean...when your team is 9 - 0, I think you've earned that right.

Even if you've ostensibly given up a sport you used to love. Because you love the people playing the sport, more.

Elaine (who is waffling on the idea of giving up on the Chiefs, and wondering if she can give up on high school and college ball instead, and make an exception at the pro level because at least those guys are getting paid...)

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