Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 13. Every Row

Knitting is one of few hobbies I've kept going as a parent. I tend to work on easily portable projects and add rows when I'm waiting for a child, sitting through meetings, or for a few moments before I turn out the light and head to bed.

My friend Megan posted recently about the symbolism of her growing rainbow blanket. I love when she writes:

"Each of those ridges represents two rows knit, and each row completed represents several whole minutes where my hands were free to do something other than hold, dress, change, wash, or otherwise assist a little one; moments I was not drawing or writing on a chalkboard or in a notebook, where I was not pushing a stroller, driving to dance or co-op or the grocery store; moments where all my hands were compelled to do was hold some soft, cushy, gorgeously dyed wool and wrap it around a couple of needles. So, though it looks like just a very tiny bit of progress, it’s actually much, much more."

I would add to her description, that knitting represents a small act of love. And so it is, when Connor or Helen walks out the door in a hand knit, I'm sending them out in a hug they can wear.

My two most recent projects are a sweater for Connor and a poncho for Helen.

*Connor actually wears the sweater every time I wash it and put it in his drawer. How I have no decent photos of him wearing it, I do not know.


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  1. Replies
    1. My mom used to do that, and I have a million memories of those clothes. Love this!

  2. I give the responsibility for making things for the boys to my Mom. I don't have a crafty bone in my body.

  3. I still want to learn how to knit. It seems so complicated to me.