Sunday, November 24, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 23. Dinner

I know this is on the wrong day, but time got away from me last night and I did want to post an act of love for November 23.

Before Ed and I had children, we enjoyed cooking. We regularly would spend a fair amount of time just to prepare a nice dinner.

We don't cook elaborate meals very often these days. Mostly, it's because our schedules have shifted so much. Dinner happens at 5:30 and if we miss it then - the next best time is around 8:30 when the kids are asleep. I can't eat that late without consequence. And, even if I am rocking it and able to throw something nice together for the 5:30 dinner bell, at least one - possibly two eaters are likely to have negative feedback for me. It doesn't make cooking that pleasant.

A few months ago, a friend came over with her boyfriend and he literally kicked Ed and me out of the kitchen and set to work making an amazing meal as we wound down the evening with the kids. Then we had a lovely evening on the deck, which provided the inspiration to reignite supper club.

And so it is, that we now gather regularly with friends and share stories, food, and much laughter. It's a reminder that cooking can be a great show of love.

Thank you, friends. I think these dinners mean more to me than anyone else.


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