Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 20. Repeating the Mantra Back

I make no bones about it, I want a woman President. Now, I don't want a woman President so badly that I would vote for someone just because she was a woman. But I do want a woman President badly enough that I would be happy to have a woman President even if I didn't support her. I just cringe to think about raising a daughter in a place where a woman has never been considered the top dog!

Because I live in a very politically minded place, talk of Presidential runs tends to be prevalent even when we haven't made it to midterms. Our home is polled constantly. And so it is, that I regularly talk to Helen about how much we need to have a woman for President.

She agrees, of course. She's six. It's very difficult to make a coherent argument to a strong-willed six year old that she ought to be excluded from anything, let alone something as important as the Presidency. My side of the argument is easy.

Helen and I high-five about the prospect of another run by Hillary Clinton. I promise to take Helen with me as we knock on doors begging people to vote for our gal. We're going to tell them what Hillary will do for our country and we're also going to tell them how meaningful her victory will be to little girls everywhere. We're going to offer to drive them up to the local elementary school to vote, and we're going to stand in front of that same school with signs letting people know what a victory would mean. My excitement will likely carry Helen.

And it is no small thing to me when I come home and Ed mentions that he put the phone on speaker earlier in the day so the kids could help answer political questions. Immediately, Helen clued into what was going on and asked Ed "who is it that Mommy says we need to support?" and support her, she did.

Thank you, Helen, for letting that pollster know where I stand. I hope you enjoy standing with me as long as it takes. My offer of the first round of drinks is still on - though I do hope you're too young to drink alcohol and we can share a hot cocoa instead.


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  1. I am excited to involve my boys in the political process. I still remember my step-dad taking me to vote with him and how "grown up" and important I felt when I was a page at the state caucus.