Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 14. You Look Good

I think I can speak for many people when I say we are so critical of ourselves. My absolutely beautiful friends tell me the craziest things about how they view themselves. And so easily, I look at them in shock. Really? Really that is what you think of yourself? Because I promise you, what I see is so much different.

But then I get a candid photo of myself and the first thing I do is criticize something about how I look. It's almost like I can't help myself. I just search for the flaws.

I lost 15 pounds between January and September. But I'm pretty sure I have officially joined the group of people who falls apart (hello, dear Halloween candy) puts the weight back on, agonizes, and then decides whether to take it off. I don't think I've put it all back on yet, but I don't know for sure because I don't own a scale. (And, lest you think like my sister errantly did last summer that I don't own a scale because I'm above that, I don't own a scale because I know I'm the kind of person who would obsess over my weight and have a bad day simply because my weight went up. That's not the way I need to start my days.)

A friend of mine got married in September and she sent me a couple of candids her photographer took of me at the wedding. And you know what I made myself do? I looked at those photos and said to myself "you look good". Do I look exactly the way I want to look? No. But at some point, we need to love ourselves, all of us, enough to accept our bodies with all our flaws. I'm going to try and do that more.


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  1. These two pictures are amazing! You are beautiful inside and out!

  2. I love the picture of you two under the umbrellas, and I agree with the sentiment - out with the scales and in with acceptance.