Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 10. Playing Catch

Connor is, by no means, a baseball star. But, after countless tosses of the ball across the yard and back again, he's become a legitimate player, for sure. A few weeks ago, he made a great grab in right field and turned it into an out with a clean throw to first base. My parents were there to watch, which made it all the better.

Ed has played a lot of catch with Connor. In some ways, Ed does this because he knows that the only way to get better at baseball is to learn the basic skills. As they play, Ed gives Connor tips, which Connor may or may not absorb. Sometimes, Connor is just so confident that he rocks at baseball (despite clear evidence to the contrary) that he resists the very notion that he needs help. Sometimes, I suspect Connor hears the words of advice, but doesn't quite know how to handle them or perform the task being asked of him. Always, Ed is confident he's helping Connor. When the playing catch comes together nicely, it ends with a big smile from Connor, and hopefully a little memory of playing catch with his dad.

Whether either of them want to admit it, each toss of that ball comes with a little love.


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  1. Love this! A memory everyone should have it to "have a catch" with their Dad.