Friday, November 22, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 22. The Playground

Helen loves playing the role of mom. She told me a few weeks ago that when they play family at school she always wants to be the mom. Why? Because the mom is the one who gets to boss everyone else around. My response? That's why I love it, too.

Out of class, Helen also likes to be a little mom. Today we met friends from school at the playground and one of her classmate's little brothers was there. Helen and her friend G. could not mother that kid enough. According to Helen, it was crazy on the tennis court, so she and G. made sure S. was safe. They told the other kids to give him some space.

They also practiced picking him up, and when G. did what Helen thought was a particularly dangerous move, Helen ushered S. away from her so that he didn't try and do it, too.

She really does love little kids.

She also loves bossing people around.


P.S. It's not that no acts of love happened yesterday. It's just that I failed to record any of them early in the day and I was at Stephen Kellogg's "All Love, Future's Bright" tour. Not only did Ed and I arrive early enough that we were standing on the rail at the 9:30 Club, we stayed until the very end of the show. I was considering trying to snag the set list off the stage, but lucky for me, a drunk next to me decided to do this first. It's rather impressive how quickly 9:30 Club security can descend on an area, get the set list out of a drunk person's hand, and prevent any further ruckus. I would not have had the explanation of being drunk, so I'm very thankful for whatever voice in my head prevented me from pulling the move first.

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  1. That Helen is such a light in everyone's life.