Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 16. Indoor Camping

Connor had a friend spend the night tonight. Earlier in the week, Helen had wondered if she could do something special tonight, too, and somehow it was decided that she could put the tent up in her bedroom. Of course, come bedtime, nobody but Helen remembered this conversation.

By the time I made it upstairs, Helen had packed her suitcase and placed the camping sleeping mats and her pillow inside the tent Ed had set up. After she arrived at her campsite, Helen turned her suitcase into a bed for baby Liam, placed her ice cold water by her side, and asked me to zip up the mosquito netting.

Every parent knows this could have been a disaster, if Ed had resisted rather than just doing this one loving thing for Helen. She is so happy. Now, let's hope she decides to sleep in!


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