Saturday, November 30, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 30. Sunrise and Sunset

Love. It's everywhere you look. You can choose to embrace it, ignore it, or call it something else. But for me, it's the energy that makes the world keep turning around. It's the thing that calls me out of bed each day, and the thing that I think about when I fall asleep.

I'm surrounded by love. I hope we're all surrounded by love. Sometimes, I think we do a pretty crappy job of communicating that love, and that's why things like Newtown, the Boston Marathon bombing, and all the other horrible things are allowed to happen. Could someone really take their own life or someone else's if they realized the true value of each of them? If they really felt loved?

I also think the sunrise and sunset each day are an amazing show of love from the universe. Every. Single. Day - those two things happen. And I'm forever grateful.


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Day 21. Attended Stephen Kellogg's All Love, Future's Bright tour. No post - but much love.
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Day 23. Dinner
Day 26. The Driving
Day 27. Old Friends
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