Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Thirty Acts of Love: Day 12. I Love You

I love you.

It just rolls off Helen's tongue. It's sort of her go to phrase when it's quiet and she feels like a little conversation. Sometimes, I think about just how easy the words come, and I wonder if they'll always come so easily.

She doesn't yet know the vulnerability associated with saying these words to a partner. She doesn't yet know there are times when you absolutely do not use these words, because you're not sure how the recipient will understand them.

What she does know, deep inside her, is that whenever she says these words, she gets a smile. Admittedly, that smile is often followed by an "I love you too, Helen, but right now it's time to [eat dinner, clean up...]" as is so often the case, when Ed and I try and direct Helen back to the task at hand, rather than the task she prefers - which is talking. Always talking.

So for now, I love you too, Helen.


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  1. I say this so many times a day to my kids but have never thought about what it will mean for them later. Thanks for the post.