Friday, November 2, 2007

Bring it on!

My friend, RMADILLO (who claims the glass of wine she had been drinking might have been doing the talking), has challenged me to participate in National Blog Posting Month. The goal is to post every day for the entire month of November. I missed yesterday (the challenge came after I had turned the computer off for the evening), but if I succeed in posting every other day in November, I'll tag on December 1 to complete the challenge.

So here goes...a daily account of what's going on in November. I'll try and not repeat too much, despite the fact that my life tends to repeat itself a lot. To get the obvious off my chest...spit-up...projectile spit-up...poor me, no chocolate...Connor just said something funny...Connor has OCD...and, don't forget the spit-up.

Today we learned that the miniature golf course near our home has reduced their hours even further, and starting in November, is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Bummer, since we went to the course this afternoon. Connor seemed to take the news - which could have been devastating - in stride, and was happy enough to head to a playground instead. We'll try again tomorrow...

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