Sunday, November 4, 2007


Ed has often remarked to me that his favorite day of the year is the day we "fall back". He loves it, of course, because he gets an extra hour of sleep without having to admit he slept until noon (or 7:15, as the case may be these days). While we knew toddler-time might not reset itself with the rest of the United States, we were hopeful that Connor would stay in bed a half hour later than usual.

Unfortunately, my poor diapering Saturday night meant Connor would wake up soggy. I was downstairs feeding Helen when Ed found Connor wandering the hall and asking Ed to change his diaper. This is a rare request indeed, these days. Ed discovered that he had to change the diaper, pajamas, and linens. And each moment Ed labored, Connor just seemed to wake up more. "Daddy, it's wet here, and just dropped 'dog train dog', where is my ..." Ed figured there was no way Connor was going back to sleep, but indeed, he did. Only, Helen's nose was a bit stuffy, and I decided to give it a bit of a cleaning after I had fed her, and this caused her to yell, which Connor took as an invitation to come on in my bed. In some ways, Helen deserved to get to wake Connor up since this seems to be among his favorite activities when it comes to her. "Helen, it's wake-up time" or, even better, when he goes in to see her sleeping because "I have to see Helen" and he shrieks "she's sleeping!".

All Ed could think about as Connor kicked him, punched him, and generally made certain Ed could not sleep was that his very favorite day of the year was positively ruined. Perhaps it is days like these that inspired Ed to say a few nights ago "I think that we should get to sleep in on our birthdays - and I'm not just saying that because mine is less than a week away". I told him he could sleep in when my parents were here, because they always volunteer for morning duty (hint hint!).


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