Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Three toys

I've been thinking about inviting one of Connor's classmates over for a play date. I figure if he sees some of the children more than weekly, he'll become more acquainted with them, and ultimately have more fun with them at school. So I asked Connor today, would you like me to see if "A" can come over and play, or maybe "B", and Connor said "Yes, and maybe 'C'". I told Connor "'C' will destroy our home". You see "C", while a fun child, is also the most energetic child in the class. He's been known to throw stuff all over the room and daily has to be taken from various areas of the room because he's being a bit more destructive than our teacher thinks appropriate.

Tonight I went to a meeting of parents from the class. The monthly meetings provide a forum to discuss classroom issues and also learn more about the Waldorf philosophy. In casual discussion, it came up that "C" has THREE toys. And, he must put one toy away in order to get another toy out. The dad explained that perhaps his son was a bit destructive in the classroom because he was overwhelmed with all the choices. Uh, welcome to the real world, pal. I am so overwhelmed by the thought of a 2 year old in a house with 3 toys that I cannot even think about all the funny things Connor said today that I was going to write about. Now I KNOW "C" would destroy my home...so if Connor asks about that play date again, it will surely take place at a nearby park.


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