Friday, November 30, 2007

Eddie and the Boulder

Lately, Connor has been fascinated with 'reading' toy catalogs, which amounts to him flipping the pages, announcing each and every toy he owns, and asking if we could get him every toy that he does not yet own. For a while, Ed and I thought about getting him all these requested toys just because we could see that owning the entire Fisher Price catalog is totally within our reach - if you include only non-television based toys in Connor's age range. And really, who doesn't want to own the entire catalog?

One of the holes in our collection used to be Eddie and the Boulder. From the moment we spotted it in the catalog, everyone in this house was excited. And indeed, my parents spotted it as well and it has not disappointed. After two weeks, it still ranks among Connor's favorites. Connor has asked us to put just about every other toy you can imagine on his "list", even though he has no idea what this list is.

Sadly, the reflux is most definitely not under control. Helen puked enough today that there was a substantial splash when it hit the ground. Luckily, I was on a hardwood floor and not a carpet. Once Ed hit the door around 5:00, I pretty much just handed him Helen and let him know there had been a few too many tears throughout the afternoon and I had changed my own shirt a few too many times. I know this is not a nice way to come home, but it's all I could muster. Ugh! Thankfully, Connor took it easy on me by sleeping 3 hours this afternoon. Only wish I had been able to sleep for at least an hour as well!


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