Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buying a car

Our au pair arrives in January, and unless we want to strap one of the children to the top of the car when the 5 of us go someplace, we need a new car.

We started our search a few weeks ago and today, we purchased a Mazda 5. For the record...this is NOT a minivan. It is a station wagon. I am not a suburban, minivan driving mama of two, I swear.

Connor went on the test drive with me, and fell asleep instantly. Then, we spent naptime with Ed watching Connor sleep in the car, holding Helen outside (it was another gorgeous day here) and me haggling with the sales dude. And...they may have gotten my money for the car, but on the way out, I realized Ed had my wallet in the baby bag, which meant I could not get on the toll road home, and because I am an idiot with directions (even though the new car has a GPS system), I asked the salesman how I could get home without taking the toll road. And, taking pity on my directionless self, he handed me 5 quarters so I could pay the toll. Obviously, I am a born negotiator.


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