Saturday, November 3, 2007

That's my girl...and hangin' in the kitchen

Helen is back to sleeping quite a bit - except for a couple of hours at night (which means she is just like her Aunt Linda, according to my dad). But tonight, she decided to play for a few hours after Connor was safely tucked in bed. And to start off that play, she opened her eyes, pumped her right fist in the air, and let loose some very noisy, loose poop. And most remarkably, that pooping was not accompanied by projectile spit-up, as it usually is. That is a miracle. And, it is with great pride that I can say that excitement over accomplishing this feat surely means Helen is going to fit in just fine in this family.

Ed posited earlier today that the reason Helen can spit-up so much and still gain weight is that she actually digests her food completely and then, rather than having it travel through her intestines, she just pukes it right up, but she's already gotten all the nutritional value from it. Thoughts, my fellow google MDs?

And the laughs keep coming. Just right you know what funny thing you did just one moment ago Helen? After eating heartily, and then being held very still for at least 30 minutes - 30 minutes where neither your dad nor I risked doing anything so radical as sneezing, or heck, breathing heavily because that might encourage you to toss that entire meal, your dad changed your diaper and clothes (because even with all that holding still, you managed to unload a bit of that big dinner). And then he looked at you, and looked at me, and said "I think she's making some hunger signs, which I know doesn't make sense, but see what you think". So I looked at your dad as if he was crazy, because so far as I know you do not have a tapeworm, and I held you. And you looked up at my enormous breast, pursed your lips tightly together, and looked at me like you could think of nothing worse than swallowing one more mouthful of milk. At which point, your dad said "uh...maybe I was wrong about that".

After a rather tedious couple of hours this morning, Ed asked Connor if he needed a nap (two hours before he normally takes a nap) and Connor said he did. So, off Connor went to take a THREE HOUR nap, and after that he was in a much better mood. Note to Ed: please do not let our toddler stay up an extra hour when I am gone, even if you are just trying to prepare for daylight savings. It can make for a rather horrible morning. We went golfing, of course, because if my parents can be on the course in November, so can we! And then we came home and made pie dough for pot pies and made alphabet cookies with the left-overs. Connor had an enormous dinner, followed by several of these cookies. Turns out, he can reach up on the counter and pull down a tray full of cookies and serve himself. And I thought he was too short for that.


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