Saturday, November 24, 2007

Golf Champion for the Off-Season

Ed and I have probably played over 30 rounds of miniature golf since we met. Prior to having Connor, we played a normal amount of this sport - maybe twice a year on vacation or when we were particularly bored - but this year, Connor discovered and fell in love with the game. We played a lot of golf. And every time, there was always one thing that stayed the same. I won, Ed lost. Connor was above keeping score. Until last week.

We headed out to the golf course with my parents to enjoy the warm weather they brought with them, and Connor actually played almost all of the holes in traditional fashion. He still spent quite a bit of time in the hazards - but they're much less attractive now that the water is no longer beckoning him as it trickles over the rocks.

I got two holes-in-one last weekend when we played, but still, Ed won - by a lot. We figured it was the last game of the season, particularly since this weekend is closing weekend. Ed was certainly delighted that he would be holding the household championship for the off-season. But today, we decided to head out again because it didn't seem right to deny Connor his favorite activity the last weekend it would be open.

I'd like to be able to show some photos from today, because we were all quite bundled up, but I didn't bring my camera. I'd also like to say the score was close, but it wasn't. Ed has decided I must be a fair-weathered golfer because today, it was very cold, and my score was very high, compared to his score. And thus, Ed is the off-season household champion. Connor did a bit of what we have decided must be a victory roll in honor of Ed last week. We did tell the little man that gloating on hole number 16 may not be the appropriate place for a victory celebration.



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