Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daddy and the Little Man

Monday, Connor put in a call to Ed at work. He started off with three words. "Daddy, come home". I would've understood if we weren't having a great day, but things were actually going really well. Turns out, Connor just wanted the candy that Ed has taken to bringing Connor home at the end of the day (a recent request of Connor).

After being so delighted by 3 consecutive nights of a 6 hour stretch of sleep ending at 3:00 AM and then another stretch after eating until 7:30 AM, I was reminded of reality with a baby in the house last night when Helen woke up twice. And, she had a rough time getting settled initially. I think it was just a bad day with the reflux - possibly due to the fact that I found a fancy chocolate bar Ed gave me quite some time ago and decided to consume it. Bad choice. On top of that, Connor woke up twice and even though I was bunking in the basement with Miss Spit, I still woke up because when Connor wakes up, he doesn't do it quietly by any stretch of the imagination. Needless to say, I wasn't running on all cylinders today.

By lunch, I decided to call in reinforcements and Ed came home a bit early from work to give me time for a nap. Connor and Ed went to the nature center down the street and were playing with the stuffed snakes. At one point, Connor asked Ed to give him some mice for the snake to eat. Seeing none, Ed decided to hand Connor some imaginary mice and when he did, Connor gasped "Those are my BABIES!". Because, uh, I guess imaginary mice and babies look an awful lot alike. I'm just grateful that Connor noticed before he fed him to the snakes. I can't imagine how many times I would've heard the story about how Daddy fed the babies to the snake!


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  1. Hmmm...imaginary babies and mice could very well look alike. Esther has imaginary candy in my pocket.

    Love the new nickname - "Miss Spit" It's so perfect.

    Re: bunking in the basement; I'm purchasing a BRAND NEW monitor FROM A REAL STORE (not a thrift store) tomorrow so that I can start sleeping in my bedroom again! Then I'll just sleep in the guest bedroom with Ruthie after she wakes up the first time.

    Has anyone ever written a comment this long on your blog before?