Sunday, November 11, 2007

Product testers

Never let it be said that Ed won't do anything for his children. When Connor was a baby, Ed used to warm the diaper wipes in his hands before wiping Connor's bottom. We were too cheap to buy the diaper wipe warmer, but Ed wasn't going to let his son's bottom get cold.

Last night, we were bathing Helen and Ed asked "Do you think this soap can get in people's eyes without stinging?". I replied "I presume so. After all, Therese went to the trouble of making it and gave it as a baby gift. I can't imagine she would give Helen something that could hurt her." And at that, Ed promptly put the soap on his finger and put it on his own eyes. Now that is dedication. And, no suprise, it caused Ed no pain.

I told Ed he was clearly insane and as I sat there watching this unfold, I could hardly believe what he had just done. I would not stick something in my eye. I had opted instead to just be careful and keep it away from Helen's eyes. Ed looked at me and said very frankly "you have to be careful with these things. Why do you think I put the 'bad-ass booty balm' (a gift from our friend Dan) on Connor's bottom first?" And I was all, "uh...cuz you don't like Connor as much as Helen?" and Ed said "No, if I put it on my butt I never would've been able to see what was going on." And I'm sitting there thinking - you just made our toddler a product tester for our baby? Because you couldn't have just put the 'bad ass booty balm' on your own arm to test for a reaction. I guess it's tough being the first born sometimes.


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  1. A huge phew! But I did test it on Rob's eyes first.