Monday, November 19, 2007

Some folks in my office have started reading this...

We think the connection between my office and Ed's office is a bit strong (we're guessing it's someone whose name starts and ends with the same letter and a vowel in between). While folks at my office have known about this blog for quite some time, Ed's been keeping it on the down low. He thinks his discovery will mean that I won't mock him anymore, but frankly, it just makes it even more likely that he will be appearing in these pages. After all, he spent a decent amount of time defending his telephone pole climbing this evening. Only trouble is, my dad totally understood his burning desire to climb a telephone pole, which just led to the two of them talking about all of their childhood dreams of seeing the city from up high. Now I'm wondering if I should keep track of my dad tomorrow since Ed has alerted him to the fact that the poles in our neighborhood are scalable by mere mortals.

Ed has announced he may have the last laugh on this one. As house Webmaster, he has threatened to unplug the internet. He's willing to go so far as to climb the pole and pull the wire. And strangely, I believe him.


PS: Therese - I was playing bridge with my folks this evening and almost neglected to post! under the wire I am with this - so let Nablopomo continue!


  1. aw, Ed isn't in charge of the internet. go wireless ;-)

  2. I only have time to play cards because my parents take care of all the laundry and dishes during the day.

    And...Ed has yet to get the wireless hooked up correctly, so for now, he's in charge of the internet in our house. Bummer I'm so unwilling to take the time to get everything hooked up correctly myself.