Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Now that there are two little people in the house, we've had to implement a few more rules. Today's rules were "no head to head contact with your little sister" and then later "no touching your sister's head". When presented with the first rule, Connor did clarify that he could still head butt Ed on occasion. A few mornings ago, Ed had to tell Connor that he couldn't gauge his eyes out - because I guess that's not obvious to Connor. And, Connor attempted to show that he was clearly more man than Ed because he offered to gauge his own eyes out if he couldn't poke Ed's eyes. I'm just hoping at least one of them has eyesight by the end of the week and we don't end up in the ER with a head injury at some point. Connor's intentions are always sweet, but he's still a toddler, and toddlers have coordination issues that can foil the best intentions.

In other news today, Connor not only watched Ed vote, but cast a few ballots for him, Helen slept and spit (oh yeah, she does this every day), and Connor and Helen shared a bit of tummy time.

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