Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Connor practiced his very best "trick-or-treat", and he loaded up on the loot at area events. Hopefully he won't be too surprised by what's left - or not left - when he wakes up tomorrow! We started a few days ago at a party our realtor threw. It poured, but we figured a monkey wouldn't be deterred with a little rain - particularly when Mom seemed to allow endless cookies and cider! A bonus on this adventure is that Connor spotted a gazebo and we headed down there for a bit of supper. Lo and behold, Connor spotted several deer in the distance, proving once again that his eyes are better than mine and Ed's.

A few days later, we went to "Boo-at-the-Zoo" and met our friend Eamon - also a monkey! The boys loaded up on treats, and Eamon taught Connor a new trick. We call it "run, and run, and run, and run...". This was the second time in as many days that Connor learned he could make our lives more exciting. At the park, he learned a very effective "passive resistance" movement that he seemed quite intrigued by. I suspect either Ed or I will see it in the near future. But, we can't be mad at Eamon for sharing his free spirit, because if his mom hadn't talked us into Saturday night, we would've missed the whole event because originally we were planning on going to Boo-at-the-Zoo on Friday - and weather on Friday was miserable.

By the time the big day arrived, the costume had been well broken in. We went to the annual neighborhood parade and got more cider and some popcorn. Last year at this parade, Connor started out in the middle of the pack and ended up about a block behind the nearest other walker. This year, he started at the front and completed the walk (about 4 blocks) before some of the other kids. Of course, his path was not as straight as the path taken by many, and did involve bestowing on me a rather nice pocketfull of leaves!

Helen put up with it all in her pumpkin costume (borrowed from big brother). She may look like she's sleeping most of the time, but you have to keep your eye on her. Who knows what she was thinking when she got into Connor's basket of candy?!? It's not like she has teeth yet. Maybe this explains how she climbed back to her birthweight this week. (Go Helen!)

Once Ed and Connor had left the joint to go fleece the neighbors, Helen woke up and played until the noisemaker returned home. Then, she slipped back to sleep while he tried to ply her with candy.


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