Friday, October 26, 2007

Be careful how you answer that

Apparently, the concept of synonyms is starting to cross Connor's mind. A couple of nights ago, we were driving and this is what we heard from the backseat.
"Daddy, is this a street, or a road?"
"Daddy, are you wearing a jacket or a coat?"
Tonight Ed told Connor he would carry Connor's bike over the stone path, and Connor said "No, these are rocks."
We've discussed whether something is a merry-go-round or a carousel, and a few days ago, Ed walked into this conversation at the Air and Space Museum: "I think it is a rocket."
"No, it's an airplane."
"No, a rocket."
"No, an airplane."
and on and on. With the way Connor was laughing, I'm certain Ed thought we were discussing something much more interesting.

But sometimes, these queries are just setups by Connor. You might hear him ask:
"What is this?" and as soon as you answer he will reply, "No, it's an X". And at the end of the day, it's awfully hard not to scream "if you knew what it was, why did you ask me?"


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