Monday, October 29, 2007

And on the 18th day...

she opened her eyes - and started doping.

Sadly, Helen has developed a bit of reflux, which makes life rather unpleasant for her after she eats - and rather unpleasant for the laundry committee around here who must constantly wash spit-up out of everything Helen comes near. I took her to the pediatrician on the off-chance that they could do something for her. And indeed, we left with a prescription in hand for Zantac which should help her both keep her meals down and make them less painful when they spew out of her body exorcist style. The first dose does not appear to have done anything, but hopefully once we get a few doses in her, life will get better for her.

For my part, I'm giving up chocolate. This is the second time in as many pregnancies that chocolate has been black-listed from my diet. With Connor, I started getting massive heartburn during my third trimester, and had to give up this culinary love of mine. The nurse at the pediatrician's said it was a big culprit in causing intestinal distress in babies, so hopefully Helen will benefit from my loss. I guess this makes Ed the chief raider of Connor's loot on Halloween.


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