Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy 26 month birthday

Dear Connor,

Eight days ago, you turned 26 months old – and while normally I would’ve taken the time that evening to sum up what went on the past month, this month we all spent the evening getting to know your sister. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t have another incredible month.
You have absolutely sorted out your pronouns. I must admit that I miss you coming up to me and saying “Carry you, Mommy” I always thought it was such a sweet sentiment that you were willing to pick me up, because Connor, you do pick me up many days. Now, I can no longer pretend that you’re trying to tell me you’ll carry me because when you want to be carried you very specifically say “Carry me, Mommy”.

You’ve become quite the brute when it comes to playing with your friend Zoe. Prior to Helen’s arrival, you shared her nanny for a couple of weeks since your nanny got a new job. And I don’t know what exactly went on during the day, but now whenever the two of you are together, you spend a good deal of the time tackling her. She thinks this is very funny. I was worried you had turned into some sort of playground bully, but Erin came over a couple of weeks ago, and you were your normal self, not attempting to tackle her at all. Of course, you did show her how to make “poopies” with the play-doh, and I swear, Connor, it is moments like these that I really wish you couldn’t talk. Erin’s mom took it all in stride.

Your climbing skills have become quite impressive. You can climb almost anything at the playground – and you’re totally willing to do it without assistance. At one park we frequent, there is a very long, tube slide that twists around. I think it is terrifying to get up to the top of the structure, and I hate the slide. So, I simply don’t do it anymore. I tell you my rear end is too big to fit through the little thing you have to climb up to get to the top of the slide, and you seem to think this is a perfectly reasonable explanation. You used to also fear this slide, but now you just tell me “I’m goin’ to go down dat slide” and up you climb. It’s totally OK because every other mother at the park is completely freaking out that someone of your stature is climbing this contraption solo – so I’m really not putting you in any harm by refusing to go up that thing with you. You have many eyes keeping track of you.
Somehow, you have gotten the impression that you are as big as your dad, and you often announce to him that you are going to kick him out of bed, and then proceed to jam your giant head into his back and push with all your might. When he comes running toward you, you never back down – you just scream and go at him.

You came down with some flesh eating bacteria on your legs (diagnosed by your dad as such), but you seem to be on the mend now. I mention this only because when we went to art class last Tuesday, we were making some spots with the end of a q-tip and a bunch of colors all mushed together and you announced to the class you were painting flesh eating bacteria. That totally rocked because nobody knew what to do with this statement.

You have welcomed your sister with so much love and that makes both your dad and me incredibly happy. You do take advantage of the fact that you sense we want to make sure you don't feel left out of the action, so you ask for more candy than typical and of course, we give it to you. And, while you were certainly very excited to meet Helen, you were also very excited to get a toy vacuum. Tough to tell which was more exciting. You’re a great little guy, Connor. We love you tons.


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