Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 1 recap

Well Helen, it's been a little over a week now. Your jaundice officially added 20 years to my life. Add this to the years your brother has added to my life, and absent all the heartburn and distress K-State football has caused my parents, I would be older than them.

For the most part, your brother adores you. He asks if he can hold you many times throughout the day. Of course, he is a very busy toddler, so he can't hold you for long periods at a time. He is more than happy to entertain you, and he's come up with quite a few games to play with you.

1. Give Helen quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies!
2. Shower Helen with little seeds from the magnolia tree.
3. Pull the little cow that plays "Old MacDonald" that is attached to the bouncy seat about 346 times in a half hour while playing on the deck.
4. Tickle Helen.
5. Give Helen a little truck to hold onto.
6. Shout at Helen, just because it's fun!
7. Crawl in the co-sleeper every morning and tell Helen it's "wake-up" time.

I often think about how safe our house used to be when Connor was little, and how many choking hazards you will encounter in your life from all the crap your brother loves to play with. We'll try very hard to keep you safe.

You still spend most of your time sleeping. I know the golden rule of "never wake a sleeping baby" is generally followed in this house, but with you, we must break it regularly. Every three hours, I wake you up to eat. In the past day or so, you've actually started to wake on your own to eat, which both your father and I see as a good sign. Of course, we do hope you return to your sleep-loving ways after you get bigger and it's no longer necessary for me to feed you every three hours.

Today, we went downtown for a meeting with other moms of infants, and at least two people clucked their tongues at me when they saw how small you are. One man even said "the wind", because I guess he was worried that this nice breeze would knock you out of my arms, or something like that. Little did he know, you've been to the park, the petting farm, a haunted train ride, a pumpkin farm, and generally around the neighborhood.

You seem to take it all in stride, and for that we are grateful.


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