Sunday, January 8, 2006

What do you do with your newspaper?

This morning, Ed and Connor sat and enjoyed the paper. Ed read it, Connor ate it - which is pretty much the theme of everything that gets to Connor's hands these days. He's become expert at pulling the placemats off the table - so if you're over having dinner and he's near yours - I suggest you remove anything that could make a mess if it fell on your lap. His nightly project is to remove anything that is within reach from the table and make sure it finds a nice spot on the ground.

We've given up on the nap thing for now, so hopefully Connor's nanny will be able to figure that out. He didn't seem to be getting better at napping, so it seemed sort of pointless. Night time sleep though remains improved. On night 4, he woke up a couple of times but put himself back to sleep in 5-10 minutes. Last night, after we fed him a little after 11:00, Connor slept without waking up until 6:00! Now, this is a bit earlier than I hope to get up on the weekend, but that's life. Connor was wide awake and ready for the day.

Connor's nanny will come over to get oriented on Thursday and Friday for half a day and then next Tuesday, she'll be here all day. I'll probably work from home all of that week to help out when needed. Once Connor seems comfortable with his new care-giver, I'll work from the office more often.

Hope you had a great weekend! We're experiencing really nice weather here so we've been enjoying rides in the stroller. See how big he's getting in his bouncy seat?!?


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