Thursday, January 26, 2006

The pact was broken

Quite some time ago, Ed made a pact with Connor that Connor would only poop for me. Once our nanny started coming regularly, he amended the pact to say that Connor could also poop for her. The pact was kept fairly religiously. Some days, I would come home, pick Connor up and as if on cue, Connor would take a dump (and Ed would laugh). This morning however, Connor decided that Ed deserved the treat of cleaning up his bottom before Ed had the chance to put on his glasses. Ed was woefully unprepared when he opened up Connor's diaper and he had to call for additional hands to handle the situation. Wow does solid food do a number on solid ouput!

Connor must be growing because he's eating like a trucker. Today he nursed twice before 7AM, ate 16 ounces of milk during the day and had a serving of sweet potatoes (which is 4 ounces more than normal) and then he nursed 3 more times and had peaches and oatmeal for dinner. In fact, he refused to be put into the bathtub until after I nursed him - which was super unfortunate because I nursed him sans clothes, and he promptly peed all over me and then took another dump. And then I called Ed in because I needed more hands than were available to handle the situation. He still wasn't keen on his bath, but we got the food off his face and his downtown area cleaned up. Yeah, I guess I'm a mom. While Connor was relieving himself on me I sat still, continued letting him nurse, and told him that he must be feeling better now that he got everything out of his system.

My budding yogi is practicing getting into the lotus position, something I have not even come close to mastering. He is completely enamored with his feet these days - and can reliably get them into his mouth. Sucking on that sounds like fun, right?

Oh - and I wouldn't say that Connor is rolling over, but he did roll from tummy to back twice yesterday while Ed and I cheered him on. Both times, he acted like he was going to cry the moment he plopped onto his back. I keep telling him that pretty soon we're going to have to fess up to the pediatrician that he has failed to hit the rolls over both ways by 5 months milestone. Good thing he's so cute!


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