Sunday, January 22, 2006

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...You can come too, too, too...

This weekend, Connor may (please, please, please!!!) have finally figured out the sleep thing. Friday night, he went to bed with < 5 minutes of mild protest at 8:00. He slept until 5:00, chowed, and went back to sleep in his crib until 7:00. ROCK ON! I fed him again, and then, thank the stars, Ed took morning duty. I was in serious need of some sleep at this point, so I was very thankful. Saturday night, I had bedtime duty ALONE for the first time and Connor went to sleep with NO tears! NONE, not one. I did ask him to give me a break, but I never thought he would be that generous. And...the important thing...he slept until 4:00, chowed down, and then woke again at 7:00 - and I'm not totally certain that he woke up on his own accord. At 7:00, the birds made quite a cacophony of chirping which may have been what prompted Connor out of slumber. Tonight, he went to sleep with about 1 minute of protest, and he's sleeping like a baby! He's so cute! (Can I write that enough times?!?)

Ed and Connor started the day testing out the very cool baby backpack carrier that some friends gave us. Please don't comment on the fact that it is January and Connor has no socks on. It's really warm here right now - and they were only out for a few minutes. Anyway, I don't think Connor is as impressed with the gizmo as we are - but I'm sure when Ed is hiking uphill and Connor is riding rather than walking he'll learn to be impressed. And yes, I do mean when ED is hiking uphill because I have no plans to carry any more than myself up the hill. I did carry him for NINE months independently!

Then on Sunday, we went to visit the National Zoo's baby panda. Though the baby panda started life a few weeks before Connor and at only 4 ounces - he now weighs 30 pounds. As I am still carrying Connor quite a bit, I'm pretty happy that he hasn't attained even half of the panda's weight yet - and even happier that he started out life at 6.5 pounds instead of 4 ounces.

The baby panda was quite impressive to most people - but as you can see, it's really hard to impress my little man. That, or the visit to the elephant house and a visit to the giraffe were so exciting Connor had to catch a few zzzz's on the run.

Another great thing happened this weekend. Connor didn't cry in the car. Of course, he burst into tears instantly when my friend Chris held him. And I'm serious about that. Two tears popped right out of his eye and started sliding down his cheek on contact with Chris's open arms. And he's been held by her before and definitely liked it! Hopefully he was just a little too tired to be held by anyone besides his mama and we aren't entering the fear of strangers stage sooner than expected. Connor also took a NAP in the car, which is simply amazing. da man!


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