Monday, January 30, 2006

Number One Son Connor!

Connor celebrated Chinese New Year in style this year, compliments of our friends in China. We learned that Chinese boys must be skinny - because the pants fit around Connor's waist - which is not true of some of his American clothes. Chinese boys must also be tall because we had to roll the cuffs up a bit. I'm only worried that Connor will refuse to wear clothes that aren't silk after this!

In honor of Chinese New Year, we took Connor around our house and told him that as our Number One Son, everything he saw would one day be his. As suspected, he was not actually impressed by this. Oh well, maybe he'll have a nice garden out back some day. For now, I think he's happy with his exer-saucer, mirror, and cube.

It's the year of the dog. Too bad Ed and I are too overwhelmed to celebrate by giving Connor a dog. Perhaps someday his Aunt Linda will give him one for Christmas - hint, hint!


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