Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Sleep training sucks!

OK - so we made the plunge. Yesterday, we decided to follow the advice of all those cry-it-out parents and we let Connor (gasp) cry! This is incredibly torturous. At this point, I can't say who's going to win - but everyone's will has been tested. I took both naps yesterday (since Ed was working), but Ed thankfully took over for the initial put to sleep and the subsequent waking at 11:00. I was back on duty for the 2:00 wake-up and feed, and that, thankfully, was the last we heard from him until 7:15 this morning. I won't fill you in on the number of tears - but suffice it to say, it was a lot. I had to call my friend Lisa who had a colicky kid and described sleep-training as three horrible days, in order to get through. That, and many calls to my parents. Ugh! I have to get through nap this afternoon (I've already survived morning nap) and then Connor is Ed's problem for the next couple of days since I will be the working parent. Hopefully he'll have more success than me.

Today's photo was taken on the 29th, which is about the time I told Connor we were calling in a "sleep expert" (who we may still end up using). From the position of his fingers - which I swear I did not photo-shop, I think he knew what was coming. The sleep trainer guaranteed good sleep in 5 days, but the three people I've spoken to who had little ones whose priority in life was not sleeping told me it took three days for their child. Hopefully we're almost done, because I can't take this through the weekend.

I can report that Connor is the most forgiving kid ever because he's always happy when he wakes from slumber and sees me - and he's been in a good mood all day today.


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