Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sleeping part 336

For those of you worried about last night, after his 8:00 wake-up that was not so pleasant, he went back to sleep quickly after a quick snack at 11:00 and then didn't wake up until 4:00. At 5:00, Ed rescued the little man and brought him downstairs for breakfast (Ed ended up taking night duty). After eating a solid meal, I put Connor between Ed and I in bed and he was playing with the sheet for a while and then nodded off until 7:30 when he decided to eat again. This allowed him to regain rock star status because we are now very hopeful that Connor can repeat this feat of falling asleep because he's tired and done playing without crying at some point. Connor, some day when you read these posts, please know that never in our lives have your dad and I obsessed about one topic as much as we have your sleep. It's so HARD to hear you cry when you're put down. But, in the end, we are convinced that it's all for the better. So far tonight you cried when your dad put you to bed after an evening meal, but you've been sleeping for almost 2 hours uninterrupted now. We moved your bedtime back to 8:00. Most encouraging, you enjoyed your bath again.

And...the best part of today was that you forgot that you only belly laugh for your dad and you actually LAUGHED from your belly for ME! Yes, normally I get the huge open mouth grin and silent laughter, but today for one brief moment you made sound when you gave me your wide open toothless grin. And that, my friend, made me smile too. But then, realizing your mistake, you went back to your silent laughter until Daddy joined us.

Oh, and we started the day by having an architect tell us how we could remodel our home to hold all your stuff. It's not cheap, my friend.


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