Sunday, January 15, 2006

31 game losing streak is OVER!

Yesterday, the KSU men's basketball team beat KU. For those not from Kansas, this is quite a big deal - as KU has owned K-State FOREVER! And, KSU won in KU's home court, which is even more exciting. And, I am here to announce, that my little peanut is the reason KSU won. There he was, yesterday, wearing his K-State purple. When I put it on in the morning, I didn't even know the game was scheduled to take place that day. And, more remarkably, the reason he was wearing the KSU outfit without anything on top was because it was unseasonably warm here. So, there you have it, Connor is not only the cutest little man, he is the luckiest as well.

Connor has continued to practice playing chess. His strategy is to confuse his opponent by moving the pieces in untraditional ways. So far, I believe he is undefeated.

We also got Connor a chair that attaches to the table so he can sit and eat with us. Well, he can sit there and mush food around and spill stuff, anyway. This is "learning". When Ed first sat him in the chair and I came upstairs, Connor seemed completely thrilled. When we tried to make a run at dinner tonight, we were a little late so it didn't go so well. Basically, I fed him a couple of spoons of avocado and Connor was ready to be done with dinner. So, to the bath we went, which has become anything but relaxing. We believe Connor has correctly associated bathtime with bedtime. So now he hates his bath. Hopefully this will pass quickly as he was really starting to enjoy splashing around.

We're back to sleep training. After a really remarkable night, all seemed to fall apart last night. Hopefully he'll get it back together tonight. Ed has night duty, I have morning duty. Wish me luck.


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