Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A place at the table

Connor has been busy reviewing the Christmas cards (so colorful) in his new chair. He seems like such a big guy now that he's sitting at the table. We've decided to put him in charge of all the mail that comes to the house since he seems to know exactly what to do with it...taste it, then toss it on the floor. He lets the jingly man help out on any tough calls over what to do with the mail.

Last night, sleep was not a priority, which was unfortunate since Ed and I were both supposed to be at work and he was supposed to be with his nanny all day. Lucky for me, my office had some sort of electrical problem - so after trudging into the office at 7:00 AM, I was sent home. It was nice to be able to spend time with both Connor and the nanny. Hopefully this will make everyone more comfortable - including me. She's really great, but it's a tough thing to leave the little man. Even tough ol' Ed was a little weepy when he said good-bye to Connor for the day. Tonight is not shaping up to be any better in the sleep department. I even gave him CEREAL as his last meal to see if perhaps the Old Wives' Tale was correct. He slept for about half an hour, and is currently awake. Bummer! I told Ed I would take all wakings after 11:00 PM if he would take the ones before. Then, we'll switch places tomorrow. My sister says this is the baby shuffle - two steps forward, one step back, although right now it feels like we're stepping all the way back to square one.

Connor seemed OK with his nanny, though his face certainly lit up when I came into the room. I know after he's with her for a couple of days, they'll have their groove and all will go well. She was able to get him to take a short nap in the afternoon, which is pretty much a miracle. I laid down with him for his first nap because I was tired and I had walked in on him when he was almost asleep unintentionally this morning. I felt bad for messing them up. I'm definitely heading to bed early tonight. Don't know how much sleep I'll actually be able to get.


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