Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaBloPoMo Take 8! Kicking it in gear once more: From the Backpacks

In 2007, another woman in my mom's group issued a challenge to herself, myself, and our friend Vickie to try and join National Blog Posting Month. I'm pretty sure I've participated in the challenge to post something every day for a month every year since then - although I know I missed several days the year we spent Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico. I still look back fondly on that trip. I hope we repeat it someday - and maybe this time I can convince my sister and her crew to join us.

I received an email a few minutes ago from another friend in the group, reminding several bloggers in the group who have since taken on the challenge that indeed, November is upon us.

And so it is that I dive off into once-a-day posting for the month, or however long I can sustain it. This year's special feature will be a once-a-week "from the backbacks" edition, which will highlight something Connor or Helen brought home from school in their "Friday Folders". This week, I have two gems.

The first, from Connor. He is not my confidence filled kid, so when he does something to boast about himself, it always makes me smile.

On the back of a brochure trying to explain what a group of science tools is, he had written the following:

"For more info go to

Helen's teacher has been trying to convince her that she's a reader. It's tough, because my normally very optimistic daughter is sensitive to the fact that she has befriended the most advanced reader in the class. A. has her own word study group and Helen definitely feels a little inferior. However, Helen has made huge strides in reading, and can absolutely figure out simple texts. Here is the artwork that came home in her backpack. I love the exaggerated frown in the top panel and the joy in the bottom panel.


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  1. Thanks for joining me! "Our of the Backpack" is a GREAT idea. I am going to use it at some point this month.