Sunday, November 16, 2014


Helen, holding one of the roughly 300 American Girl catalogs that will find our mailbox over the next month: "How is it even possible that I did not see this arrive in the mail?"

Me: "Because as soon as I saw it in the mail, I buried it in the recycling bin hoping you wouldn't find it."

But, of course, Helen's radar for that thing is very strong. And now, her willingness to look through the recycling bin has been increased about a hundredfold.

Dear Grandma,

Helen would like everything in the catalog. I know, because she has been pouring over it the past two days, marking ONLY the very best items. It's hard to find something without the signaling mark on it.

Your daughter / daughter-in-law


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  1. Ha! I keep those catalogues tucked away for when I need 10 minutes to do something uninterrupted (like that work email or running out to the barn to check on the goats). It's like candy and a babysitter all wrapped up in one, glossy kid magazine.