Tuesday, November 11, 2014


A few weeks ago, I noticed Connor turning his head when he was trying to read new piano music. Prior to that, he'd been complaining of a few headaches, which always worries me. Poor eyesight seemed like the easiest explanation for the two situations, particularly given that fact that Ed's and my eyes are crap, and have been since early elementary school.

I took Connor to the eye doctor on Thursday, along with Helen and her vomit catching towel*. We were an awesome crew, I assure you. I was completely fleeced because our Fancy Dan insurance might rock when it comes to ER visits and surgery - is nonexistent when it comes to eye care. First, the eye doctor charged me more money for an appointment than I have ever paid for myself. Next, the person selling glasses got me. (She gave me a 10 percent discount, which I appreciate, but it didn't really reduce the pain much.)

I have a vague recollection of my parents allowing me to pick any frame I wanted, and that seemed the right thing to do with Connor - not knowing whether the first pair of glasses was good or bad in his mind. After the appointment, I did let him know what a fortune he was wearing on his face and told him the next pair would be the cheapest ones I could find if he lost the current pair.

I have to admit though, I didn't really flinch much at the price because he is just so stinkin' cute in those glasses!


*Helen, like me, is prone to getting sick to her stomach. The good news is that, also like me, she is a champion when it comes to knowing she needs to vomit. If she's at home, she will almost always make it to the bathroom in time (except for one exceptional puking incident last year where Helen projectile vomited on her way to the bathroom, and then slid in it - that was truly gross, and messy, and sad). On Thursday, Helen vomited basically right after Ed left for work, sticking me with home duty for the day. Helen dutifully carried a towel with her everywhere she went, just in case she needed to puke. Thankfully, she did not, but we were prepared!

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