Thursday, November 6, 2014

Save time for fun...end of year soccer

Playing soccer is hard work - and the practices can be pretty hard as well. The field size increases each year, so the children playing need to be able to run farther, faster, and generally have more endurance.

Connor has been gifted with some wonderful soccer coaches - who have figured out how to work the boys hard, but also how to have fun. Yesterday, the boys capped off the season by settling a bet with their head coach.

Connor's team played one game on our "home turf" (the elementary school most of the boys on the team attend and where they practice). The head coach told them that if they won the game, they could dump Gatorade on him at a future game or practice. We've had some very cold and windy games and practices since then, but the coach wanted to honor the bet. So yesterday, during the time slot that would've been practice had there been another game and some daylight, the coach told the boys to meet at the school.

He provided a bunch of stadium cups, a huge cooler of water, and stepped in front of the firing squad.

The guy wins best natured coach in the universe for this, and for everything else he does throughout the season. It's a special gift to be able to motivate kids and still have them adore you.

Thanks, coach!


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