Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

Connor decided to be Darth Vader this year (last year he was Darth Mal, which apparently is a very different costume). Because I know almost nothing about Star Wars, I just call all the characters R2D2, which Connor finds endlessly amusing.

Connor started out trying to piece a costume together at Target, but I ended up ordering him a costume online. It made for a lot of fun surprising friends whenever they came over for a playdate. He would quietly greet them at the door. He would often send them home after a quick light saber battle.

The moment Helen opened her Elsa dress up for her birthday, there was no doubt she would join the throngs of Elsas tromping through the neighborhood.

At their class parties, Helen turned into a mummy and Connor won a guessing contest which earned him a jar of candy (it's possible the only person who has eaten candy from that jar has been me!).

Another fun Halloween is in the books!


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  1. Did you have a drinking game involving how many Elsas or Annas came to your door?