Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Needlefelting

Last night, I stayed up late making my first needle felted turkey. It sits beside a pumpkin Connor needle felted when my parents were in town.

Maybe that turkey and pumpkin will acquire a few friends before Thanksgiving passes.



  1. That pumpkin looks like it has boobs. I think it's a perspective thing.

    1. It makes me sad that you would write something like that, Vickie. I love that pumpkin. Connor worked pretty hard on it. Needle felting requires a lot of patience and ability to stay focused - otherwise the person working will get jabbed with a super sharp needle.

  2. No offense meant! I didn't say it's not a beautiful pumpkin. But I'm seeing boobs!! And again, I think it's a perspective thing. Shadows? Lighting? Having not attempted the needle-felting kit I have, I didn't realize what it involves.