Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I've lost track of how many years we've hosted an Oktoberfest party. There was one year that got skipped due to Connor's terrible sleep habits, and one year that probably should've been skipped because I was so close to going into labor with Helen.

The party consists of three basic elements on our part.

  • A moonbounce to entertain many children at once - this year's version was particularly ridiculous, because Ed thought we needed to get something better than the typical bouncer with slide. It worked out really well because the company we rented it from left it in our yard for a few extra days, which allowed the neighborhood kids to have several turns at bouncing.

  • Bratwursts (veggie and meat), along with a few other German sides. No photos of these.

  • And Ed's homebrew. This year might've had more variety than any other year.

Add friends and the most amazing weather possible, and we have Oktoberfest!


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