Sunday, October 26, 2014

Epic School Photos

School photos are always terrible. I purchase them each year out of some strange sense of obligation, and then when they arrive at my house, I hope they'll at least become points of family humor in the future.

On school picture day, Helen asked me if she could wear her wings. I was the pick-up parent that day, not the drop-off parent, so I told her she should ask Ed. I didn't want to break her heart and tell her no, because she had clearly carefully thought about her outfit, but I also wasn't sure wearing wings to school was kosher.

About five minutes after I arrived at my office, I received a phone call from home. It was Helen. She queried me once more about the wings. I asked her what Ed had said and she told me he had said to call me. Well...OK then.

In my moment of indecision, I decided to punt to the teacher. "Helen, if the wings are important to you, you can wear them - unless Mrs. H. tells you they're not allowed." And with that, she packed them in her backpack and headed off to school.

When it came time for photos, she ducked out of line, grabbed the wings from her locker, put them on, and hopped back in line.

Her teacher was surprised, but decided that it was a pretty impressive feat for Helen to remember them at the right time, so she gave them a pass. (When I told her we had punted to her, she laughed and thanked me. No way was Mrs. H. going to play the role of heartbreaker, which I guess I knew deep down.)

Helen got home that day and told me "everyone was giggling at my wings - even the older children!" She was so proud of her clothing choice.

The photos came home. And they are full of awesome. Definitely the best school photos that have ever graced our door. Even Connor's photo was good! I'm almost sad I didn't order more of them!


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