Friday, October 3, 2014

Orioles - Game 1; Royals - OMG ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

At the outset of this post, I may have to admit that some of us (me) may not have what it takes to get through the post-season. Sure, it was thrilling when the Nats made it to the post-season two years ago. If I hadn't been mired in the stress of Connor's broken arm, I probably would've enjoyed it even more (and I would've been at the one home game they won, rather than sitting in a waiting room as he had surgery). It was exciting to have a home team in the play-offs.

But until just a few days ago, I don't think I had realized that having the Kansas City Royals in the play-offs would be at least a million times more exciting. And stressful. Partly, this is because they appear to like to take their time winning games, which means I've been up, with butterflies in my stomach, trying to will a victory from my home on the east coast. Wildcard play-in game? 12 innings and bed at 1:00. Last night? 11 innings and bed after 1:00 - but no sleep until about 3:00 because even though I had been downing antacid tablets like my kids eat candy on Halloween, it wasn't enough. I am, of course, thrilled for each game the Royals get to play. But wow, this play-off business is harder than it looks!

But luckily, Connor's Orioles know how to win a game - in 9 innings. At 2:00, I snagged Connor from school, wrote my standard reason for leaving "family", and he hopped into the car. I was wearing the only orange shirt I own and a black running skirt. Connor was decked out in full Orioles regalia.

Before the game got underway - yay - elbow room, like is good!

We had to arrive early, because the best I could do for tickets was Standing Room Only - and while the view is essentially the same view as the right fielder has, it requires a lot of preparation. First, you must arrive early so you are right on the rail. You must make sure to use the restroom before you get to your spot, because you will not be able to get back to that spot again. You must pack enough food - but not too much liquid - that you can survive the game. I packed one other item which was truly obnoxious - a camping chair. I gave it to Connor to sit on before the game, but packed it up about a half hour before the game started.

During the game - hey guy in black - be careful with that elbow! Guy in orange - you are way cool, chatting about the Os and high fiving whenever something good happens.

We were surrounded by O's fans (of course), and the game was a good one - at least until the 8th inning when the O's decided to drop 8 runs on the Tigers and then it was pretty much over. We stayed until the last batter came up to bat, and then we ran out of the stadium. Connor's early morning running has paid off here, because even though he was really getting tired at this point, he sprinted to the car and we were home pretty quickly.

The Os will play at noon today, Nats take the field today at 3:00 (Connor, Ed, and I will be at the game), and then my Royals will try for another improbable win at, I'm almost crying typing this, 9:00. GAH! I'm not sure I can make it.

Connor owns a surprising amount of orange clothing, so even when it got cold - no problem!
Cheers, Connor. Now let's keep rooting for the Royals and the Os so I can wear my Royals jersey - which may have never been worn in October before - into Camden Yards.


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