Thursday, October 16, 2014

World Series Bound

It was a tense few days while the Royals made short work of the Orioles. Connor was visibly upset the first day, less so the second, and by the morning of the fourth game, he just asked if I could please root for the Orioles on the hopes that the Orioles would make it back to Camden and we could go to another play-off game together. I thought that was pretty sweet of him. I really did just want the Royals to sweep and move on. I kept my cheering to a near nonexistent level and agreed with Connor that indeed, another post-season game would be fun to go to together.

During game 1, Connor wore the lucky shirt, because he wanted to be a sport. Until the Royals started winning.

Then Connor took off the shirt, cheered every time the Royals got out, and threatened to throw the shirt away. Not good. Not good.

Game 2, he wore his Orioles jersey (as he should) and were officially a house divided. I tried to squeeze into the lucky shirt to keep the charm going. Breathing was not easy.

The shirt was not working so well, so I decided it needed to be worn by someone who was reasonably close to fitting in it. Thankfully, Helen took on the task.

The Royals are now headed to their first series since 1985. Cross your fingers that the luck doesn't run out, the baserunners from KC are able to move swiftly, and the outfield continues to make amazing plays!

Most importantly, Connor has agreed to wear the lucky shirt for the Series! We will be a house united again!


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