Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here we go again. Thanks to Therese's second annual challenge, I'll be attempting to post daily during the month of November as part of National Blog Posting Month - NaBloPoMo. Since I don't have a newborn this year, I assure you more booze will be involved in this challenge than was involved last year. For your sake, I hope the posts will reflect that, because my recollection is that for those of us who are not daily bloggers, this challenge really stretches the limits of creativity.

Why am I doing this? Because Therese has generously offered to host an end of November blogging party for those who blog every day in November, and I do plan to be there, if only to have a chance at winning the "MOST LIKELY TO ALIENATE HER ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY, A FEW OF HER FRIENDS, AND EVEN HER FATHER BY TAUNTING THEM ABOUT THE ELECTION" award. And if I don't win that one, I think I have an excellent shot at the "MOST DEPRESSING POST FOLLOWING THE ELECTION" award. Seriously, my mental health is at stake here people. Please, just vote for Obama already! I have two small children to take care of and they need a mama and papa who are happy. That, and a leader that understands that diplomacy ought to be an option in international affairs - at least occasionally; a leader who wants to actually help people get health care, rather than one who wants to give you a tax credit that loses value every year due to inflation to pay for health care - so that in 10 years the credit will be meaningless (it's an old trick, don't fall for it this time!); a leader who thinks ability to pay ought to be a central concept in tax policy. Bottom line? They had 8 years and few people will say they're better off and prouder of their country than they were 8 years ago. I know I'm not.


  1. Heck, we're not even American and we'll be incredibly depressed too. I have a good feeling though!

  2. I asked Zoe tonight who she wanted to be President. She said McCain. WHAT! My head practically exploded! I can only wonder who has been chatting her up!

  3. You need to check out the link I put up tonight (Nov 2). If the worst happens, you're all welcome here!

    Laurie - Samuel, who will be able to vote in 15 years, says Obama every time. That's my boy!