Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Today, Ed celebrated his 39th birthday. As Connor commented to me when he woke me up this morning "Daddy sure did get a nice day for his birthday" and indeed, the weather was gorgeous. We had intended to meet some friends downtown to play, but I brilliantly dropped the car key in Helen's carseat last night when I was confirming it was installed properly, and locked the door afterwards. So, rather than heading downtown, I waited for a locksmith. Luckily Connor was not phased in the least since there were many leaves to be raked, jumped in, and bagged. After learning that someone was going to charge my mother-in-law $500 to rake her yard, I now realize just how valuable my little raker is.

When the time finally came, Connor went about putting candles on Ed's cake. He did ask how many candles Ed needed, but as he inquired of Ed, I told him Ed could have five or six, because that's all we had in the house. Besides, we have finally replaced the battery in the smoke detector (thanks to having our home inspected by the buyer last Friday which inspired us to do several such tasks), so we might as well try and not set it off again for a while. As Ed and Connor blew out the candles together, I couldn't help think that Ed probably hasn't had this much fun blowing candles out in a very long time.

What did Helen think of all of this hoopla? She thought it was good, very good. She was delighted to have her very own slice of ice cream cake, and hey, it was bath night, so why would I care about the mess?

I think the kids are already looking forward to January when we celebrate the next birthday in our house. Our au pair will be turning 21!