Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It all comes down to today

For over two years now, we've been inundated with a political campaign that ended sooner than some would've liked, but for others seemed like it would never end. Today is the day it all comes down to (hopefully, because I don't think I can stomach a drawn out recount or Supreme Court process). It seems unfathomable to me at this point that there could be more of them than us, but it's still a distinct possibility.

Obama's grandma died last night. She perhaps fell one day short of seeing her grandsom become President of the United States. She may not have been able to vote for him, but you can. Democrats, this is a call to action of the highest order. Get out there and bring this one home!

On a side note, last night when I asked Connor who he hoped would be the next President, he enthusiastically shouted "You, Mommy!". He went on to say that he could be the Vice President because we would make a great team. I then informed him that he couldn't be elected Vice President for 32 more years due to constitutionally imposed age requirements so he decided that he wanted Obama to win. Thank goodness we got that cleared up!


  1. that was too cute
    tks for sharing Connor's comments

  2. I'd vote for you. If I had a vote that is.

  3. That's funny - Kara said she wanted me as president. I told her that only "real" American's could be president so she then chose Lance (quite funny to think of Lance as a "real" American), so then she didn't want anyone.

    But that's fine. Conner in 2040 sounds good enough for me!